Your Front Paddock

The Collins houses at Pheasant Farm offer a multi-dimensional place with many spaces in-between. As you explore the different features of the farm you will come to understand what we mean. For example. take the stone walled paddock in front of the barn. It’s shaped like an “L” because the back portion(seen in the picture where the trees stem in the corner) was once an extension of the bottom of the barn. In 1950 the barn roof ridge, which ran front to the very far back wall, was repositioned to its current line. << note: To re-make the barn and improve it’s quality, it was halved in size, reframed post and beam, and strengthened with metal trusses and granite pillars. We took it on ourselves to further boost the structure with framing of the beams supporting level 1.>> How would this expanded paddock fit into your vision? We used it as a safe and contained ball field for everything from homerun derby to football, soccer and lacrosse. Maybe the high ceiling basement inspires two horse stalls or other pens for animal keeping such as dogs or alpacas? The paddock could serve as a field for safe roaming and grazing. The hidden second driveway adjoining the original back wall of the barn straddling Blackthorn Drive does offer landscapers easy access to the property, as we used it, or it could be the perfect place for an animal trailer.

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