From ToDo-ToDone

Before-During-After/ Your honey “No Do” List

Build back better has been our mantra and provided the joy of ownership to us thru the years. Anyone looking at the farm with the vision of being a new owner will be able to rest on the projects completed. The truth of things could be seen as the owner has run out of things to do and is ready to move on to new pastures. The fact of the matter is that all of the “big ideas” we had are completed in the style deserving of a vintage Georgian/Farm estate. The farm now offers the ease of living you could expect in recent or new construction.

You could ask what motivation would a sane person have to move after doing all this wonderful stuff. As you can understand, years of stewardship has yielded great times as a backdrop for our stay…We are taking on a new challenge and a new lifestyle that suits our family and priorities, leaving you as the lucky ones to own this gem.

Look these images over in the spirit they’re offered…the things you will never have to do i.e. your “no do” list. With that said, if this house is for you, not only will you see these as highly livable improvements, you probably will envision other ways to make 55Flagg yours. We sincerely hope you will enjoy doing them as much as we did…but if you don’t NO WORRIES:) We know you will enjoy the sound foundation we have delivered. These are only some of the highlights of improvements we made:

Resetting all of the posts for the wooden fences and refitting all of the balusters

Adding an outdoor bluestone patio and awning for poolside seating

Turning the first basement room into a 248 bottle wine cellar with adjustable lighting

Adding a 4 season conservatory garden room to place you in the patio rain or shine

Making sure that the house and all its systems are safe in any power outage

If you have a garden, then you will want to enjoy this potting shed

There are lots of wonderful places to sit at the farm and this pavilion takes the cake

Anyone who has a pool knows how important it is to maintain the gunite and tiles

If you have a vintage carriage house, bless it with a cement floor and lookalike sliding doors

Chicken and egg…if you have a she-shed then you will want a raised bed garden

Natural forsythias are seasonal privacy barriers so we put in 35 arborvitae for the year round

Update a bathroom, why not make it new but look like its been there 200 yrs

With all the stone walls, having a classic gate is key, and this one is sustainable TREX

Efficiency w/7 section forced water baseboards/multi-radiator steam, and new oil tanks