Town of Southborough

What a place

The town was incorporated in 1727 and today is just as beautiful and preserved as you might hope. It is also blessed to be the home of two of the oldest private schools in the country, making it a vibrant center with sports. active young adults, and town friendlies alike. In 2020 the town, in cooporation with the Mass Department of Transportation refurbished the old town center to bring it to the highest quality down town, bar none. When you drive thru town, you are reminded of the quintessential New England town charm and personality you would expect to find in country side towns of Vermont or New Hampshire. The good news is that work is substantially done, even though some bells and whistles are being tuned in. Even better news, Southborough is still located only 25 minutes on a drive in from the West (without tolls we would add), and only 10 minutes from the Southborough T-stop putting you less than an hour from downtown station by Amtrak fast trains.