When we first found the farm, over 40 years ago, I was being relocated from Connecticut to work at the headquarters of what was then Data General on Computer Drive, just up the street. This was our 3rd antique home, so we were the perfect prospect for the selling family. We bought it as is the day we toured, with an intuitive sense of how we could make the place our own. For openers, we had vintage furniture dating back to the old homesteads of Ithaca New York. When we were college students we collected anything that was shabby sheik, affordable, and portable. Little did we know that our collection would adorn this new home and be the perfect fit for living in this once-in-a- lifetime dream house.

Our journey gained firm footing in Southborough. We arrived in August, got our first born son into pre-school, and delivered our second born at the end of September, within weeks of moving in. Our good fortune soon became apparent as we raised our children and discovered the riches of this wonderful town and all it had to offer.

In a funny but amazing way, we always felt like we were moving into the farm, with each change of life. You can say without doubt, looking back now, everything was always perfect at each stage of things, then for reasons unexpected, we needed to adapt and change. There was always a new thing to learn about how to make the house even more perfect for these ever changing needs.

This evolution resulted in all of the home updates and improvements we made… and it has continued to this day.

We now find ourselves ready to adapt once again as we enter the next chapter. One thing we are certain of, our desire to make the farm one of the most livable vintage homes in New England were worth all of the time and effort. We are sincerely grateful to the opportunities this house continually provided and equally pleased to be offering the home as a foundation for the next new owners.

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