Pheasant Farm has been very kind to us, offering both a practical and wonderfully unique living experience. We portray 55Flagg as the “giving house”. In this blog, you will find some of the stories that inspire this calling. You may be wondering whether Pheasant Farm could be your new giving house. The property website is designed to go along with the blog, showing you or reminding you about the very special elements both within and out. Choosing a new place to live is surely overwhelming. This platform is shared in the spirit of trying to make your consideration fun and stress free.

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This website and blog offer a virtual tour of every aspect of the farm and seek to help you visualize the living spaces at the Collins houses…as well as the “spaces-in-between”. The website blueprints for each level serve to lay out the relationship of all of the parts of the home and the associated pictures share elements of each of those parts. That’s the engineering of things. This blog will try to fill in the gaps so that you can gain insight into the novelty and unobviousness of it all. Covering “it” in this way, we seek to answer any immediate as well as any hidden questions you might have about buying this very special vintage home. When you realize that Pheasant Farm is built with standards that exceed compliance requirements for many of today’s new homes, you will be able to allow yourself to embrace all of the exceptional aspects at the farm that not only differentiate it, but make it a place you will be able to thrive. As complete a detailing of the lifestyle you could enjoy here is shared in this virtual tour, if you have any other questions or considerations, please make sure to share them with the Green Team so that we can address them to your complete satisfaction.

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