Trading Places

Are you ready for a unique,vibrant and comfortable lifestyle at Pheasant Farm? As we turn and make our next move, find answers that match your vision of renaissance living in contemporary times.

The Laundry Room

Who would have ever thought that a Laundry Room could take on such importance and be so different to each of our family members. It really was one of the “spaces in between”.


Everyone’s new home experience is unique and special. When we started on what I call page 1 of our journey, there was a lot of room for improving the farm. With all of the updates we made, see how your “page 1” at the farm offers a way to further customize on a very sound…

Your Front Paddock

What will it mean to you to have a stone walled paddock as part of your living experience? Probably not growing potatoes in it, like the farmers of Doolan Ireland:) Hear more about what it could mean.


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About Us

We’re the current owners of Pheasant Farm. We have taken every effort to maintain the historic character of this home, while making improvements that transparently integrate technology and new construction into this farmstead and piece of Southboro legends. Explore the inside story as we share insights and understanding of this living experience.

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